How to help us ?

Any owner of a purebred dog can help LUPA in the quest for new genes discovery. Sick dogs but also healthy dogs are vital to the project. Old dogs in particular are very useful for control purposes. On a routine visit to the vet, a blood sample will be taken once the usual check-up has been completed. This sample will be used to support our research.

First of all, we would like to say a huge thank you for being interested in how to help us. Running a nonprofit organization to unravel common human deseases with the help of our canine friends requires a lot of time, effort and naturally, funds. So, Thank you. We appreciate every kind word, every good intended action.

As we already mentioned, bringing your dogs to donate blood is one of the best ways to help Euro LUPA. Also, you can make a donation. There’s also a third way. Recently we agreed on a partnership with CasinoRoom, a Swedish online casino offering a variety of different games. Whenever you play Diamond Dogs slots at this casino, a little bit goes to Euro LUPA. To find out more, please see this Swedish CasinoRoom Review.

Breeds and diseases we are looking for…

More explanation about sampling your dog