LUPA is a research project to get a better glimpse within dog genetics diseases. The frequency of genetics diseases can reach up to 10 to 40% of dogs in some purebred breeds . Consequently it is urgent to develop tools for a better detection of carriers. It will allow earlier treatments but also to advice breeders for eliminating genetics defects within a breed. The ultimate goal of the project funded by the European Commission is to understand similar complex human diseases.

Dogs and mans are suffering from similar conditions as cancers, cardiovascular disorders, epilepsy, inflammatory disorders, diabetes, etc. Genetics factor are important in the development of these diseases but difficult to detect out of human populations whereas the dog genome is less complex due to several population bottlenecks within the canine history. Once the responsible genes are detected in dogs it is then possible to check if similar genes and molecular mechanisms are also implied in mans.

LUPA gathers 20 vets’ schools and universities among 12 countries (see Partners). In order to speed up our research we are looking for dogs affected by the different conditions described but also for healthy old dogs of the same breeds. If you wish to help us you will find here the list of breeds and diseases of interest. For each disease you will find the name and e-mail of the person responsible for gathering the samples. You can also reach us by mail info (ad) and we will put you directly in touch with the partner involved in the disease collection. We will give you accurate information about the different diagnosis and about blood collection. Thanks in advance for your collaboration!
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List of Diseases

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